Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Creme Brulee Time!

Good morning. Along with tackling red velvet and french macaroons, creme brulee is also on my food goals list of things to make this year! ✔ Another done. 

I made creme brulee this morning, and to my surprise only needed a few ingredients to make! It is soooo tasty and I could probably eat it all by myself. No seriously, its that good! Have you ever had/made creme brulee? Tell me all your creme brulee stories! 


  1. YUM!!! I LOVE creme brulee and despite having a culinary blow-torch I'm ashamed to say I've never made it. Perhaps I should work on changing that asap... What recipe did you use?

    Oh, and I love your nail polish! It looks so fun! =)

  2. I helped make creme brulee in Paris, two summers ago. I succeeded at burning all of the sugar on top, but once I got past the burnt layer it was still delicious:) Looks like yours turned out perfectly!

  3. Creme brulee is one of my favourites! It's so funny you mention it with red velvet, I had both flavours in a froyo just yesterday LOL!
    Love that you added the little kiwi with the nectarine(?) :) super cute!


  4. I have a mean recipe for creme brulee cupcakes!
    Let me know if you want the recipe!

    Lou x

  5. I don't have a blow-torch so I'm always intimidated to make it but it's a favortie when I go out. Looks great!

  6. YUM!!! that creme brulee looks amazing what's the recipe!?

  7. I've made creme brulee yesterday and it was SO yummy! but I must admit that yours looks better. I thinks I should try again.


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