Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That Time I Turned Into a Portrait ♡

You've heard me rant & rave about the dear miss Holly and her amazing artistic talent that is absolutely stunning before! I was lucky enough to have her do a portrait of myself which I'm totally in love with! I'm absolutely ecstatic to share it with you!  I cant stop looking at it, I've hung it near my computer & its my desktop background! Can you tell I'm in love with it!? Holly was such a pleasure to work with, always so sweet and did just an incredible job! Thank you so so much Holly, you rock!
Check out Holly's blog Order and Chaos


  1. Wow, that is so amazing! She does beautiful work!! :)

  2. Awesome what a wonderful job she did, a talented lady indeed! :) -Lo

  3. awww sweetheart! i'm so glad you love it, it was a pleasure to do! :)


  4. Love the bubbles, and the hair looks amazing (when I draw hair it looks like straw :)) So talented!

  5. Amazing!!! She did a fantastic job!

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  6. HOLY. COW. That sequin dress is stinking awesome! Can I ask a question? Did you wear it out 'in public' or was it for a fun photo shoot?

    PS - Thanks for popping by my blog - it's so nice to meet you!


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