Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I'm Wearing // Bleached Pants

Do you guys ever go crazy and just organize everything? Well I do and this time I found my bleached pants, which I don't think I've ever shown you!  So, this is the outfit I wore a few days ago when I was feeling very casual but still wanted to look nice! The bleach pants give it a very special POP! It's fun looking for shapes on your pants, kind of like clouds! 
*curling irons arent too fond of me so I have to get creative with curling my hair! Best method so far!
I bleached my jeans by gathering parts and tying with rubber bands, then splashing jeans with straight bleach, but there are many ways to do it! 

Thank you for all the sweet words about my new blog design! I love it too! 


  1. I kind of love this outfit!! So cute!

  2. LOVE this!!! Your hair looks great too!

  3. I love everything about this outfit, you look super BA! And your hair looks phenomenally awesome!

  4. You're adorable! Love the whole outfit, especially the top and your nails! Your hair is so pretty :)

  5. Oh my, I love everything about this outfit! (I actually squeaked out loud when I saw the jeans.) Fabulous!

  6. look how pretty you are! Thanks for stopping by my blog... way to bleach those jeans - I'd probably use too intense a dose of bleach and have gaping holes everywhere! ;o)
    needle and nest design

  7. Hi! Thanks for your message on my blog! I think I'll like yours too, I'm going to have a little archives' digging to do, I'm sure I'll like it here :)
    Love your hair color too! ;)


  8. BlytheponytailparadesJanuary 4, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    Adorable outfit! So cute and your blog is equally as cute! :)


  9. it looks so cool on you!

    xo katrina

  10. Hey, just stopping by your blog too...and loving it! This is my favorite post so far, but I am going to check out more. I love what you are wearing and they style of your post :]

  11. Oh, it's me www.nicolatingey-reloved.blogspot.com by the way :D


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