Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Cowboy boots are some of my absolute favorite ways to jazz up an outfit and give it that pop it needs to make it extra special! I think for a lot of people cowboy boots are a bit "risky" and maybe out of their comfort zone, but really they're super cute and a great piece every vintage loving girl should have in her closet! So here they are, five ways I style my cowboy boots!
This is most definitely my favorite way to wear cowboy boots, a cute little dress, a totally rockin' jean jacket and a fedora! Totally gives off that awesome summery "vibe"! You could also switch out the jean jacket with a leather jacket and it look just as cute!
I think this outfit is the halfway point between a lazy day and getting all dressed up. I love the simplicity but the vintage dress just makes it extra special! :)
Of course, we could not have a post about cowboy boots without sharing the pairing of a jean skirt and huge belt! This outfit is super cute and rustic, but also is really practical for the warmer weather! Plus who doesn't love a big blingy belt! 
Some floral leggings and cowboy boots really give that boring grey dress the pop it needs to bring some life into this outfit! Pair it with a cute bright belt to tie everything together and you're set! I recommend pairing your leggings with a simple dress just so it doesn't get too "busy"!
I'd say this is my second most favorite way to wear cowboy boots! It's like the ultimate casual yet adorably cute outfit that is perfect for any casual occasion! Did someone say thrifting? 
How do you style cowboy boots?


  1. favorite outfit post i've EVER read, by anyone! i LOVE cowboy boots! sometimes i wear them with maxidresses too for a super hippie vibe :) happy wednesday!

  2. Ouu these are stellar ideas, I love the belted skirt as well as the graphic tee look. Bee tee dubs, you have fab legs, they look good in annnnnything by the looks of this outfit! JEALOUS ;)


  3. I think I like the first picture best. I'd LOVE to be able to pull off that look. You definitely do!

    - Sarah


  5. Cute,they make me think of something happy,and I also loving emu boots clearance !

  6. I like how you put the outfits together. =) You look lovely!

    Followed. And maybe you'll stop by me someday.

  7. oh my gosh your so cute!!!! :P

  8. Cowboy boots are the best! Thanks for these great styling tips! :)

  9. I love the top dress!! Where did you find that??

  10. just amazing. you look GREAT in all of these outfits xx


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