Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Roundup // Easter Edition

Leave it to the clever and crafty bloggers out there to remind me that Easter is just around the corner! And you know what? I cant wait! 

I think these are just plain adorable! Felt Rabbit Place Settings
 The inner crocheter in me loves the yarn look! Tutorial here 
Pretty, pretty, pretty! :) Such a lovely way to add that spring touch to your house! House in the Woods
 This is most definitely the cutest way to give chocolate to someone! Eeep, swoon! Pretty Easter Egg Boxes
 Totally bringing the ombre trend into Easter? How can you not love it?! :) Ombre Easter Eggs
Totally cute vintage headband that doubles as adorable bunny ears! Bunny Ear Scarf
Daww! :) Bunny Applique

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hmmm I think my favs are the felt bunnies (since I'm obsessed with felt) and the box of golden eggs. Makes me think of Willy Wonka and the golden goose lol

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  2. Omg confetti easter eggs! That sounds like the best idea (I now kind of want to crack them over someone's head on easter, definitely want to make those!)

    Thanks for sharing :D!


  3. Cute ideas...thanks for sharing!

  4. I want chocolate and that butterfly looks very nice

  5. Confetti easter eggs are so much fun! I love them.

  6. Aww, the felt table settings are the most adorable table settings ever! (:

  7. confetti eggs remind me of high school, what a wonderful flashback! i want to make those so bad, in fact i think i will! so glad you shared

  8. What fun ideas! I love the ombre eggs and the pink bunny shirt


  9. Your blog is super cute!! I love the confetti eggs! Its a must do!

  10. Perfect Pear, I really do like your blog, sorry for not saying so before! And that last bunny applique is LOVELY. x


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