Monday, March 5, 2012


 7 AM: Get up and make this lemon anise slush I talked about here. To sum it up, it was mind blowing!
 8 AM: Daily dose of inspiration, how much do you love those zipper earrings?!
 10 AM: Back from the store with a moccasin making kit!
 11 AM: Give Ginger a much needed bath! She looks so scruffy!
12 PM: Have the most amazing tea ever! You get this ball and you add hot water then it opens up into this pretty flower! Plus it tastes SO good! I'm still in aw.
1 PM: More inspiration, goal setting and to do list making! I totally love this part of my day!
 2 PM: Take a few self portraits for the sidebar! →
 3 PM: Attempt to make rock candy. Key word attempt! Haha the whole glass just turned into solid sugar, making it super hard to clean!
 That's what my day looked like yesterday! :) It was a very productive day (my favorite kind), but most days definitely don't look like this or I'm pretty sure I'd be flat out exhausted all the time!
If you have a "Photo an Hour" post, I'd love to see it, leave a link in the comments!


  1. i've never been able to successfully make rock always fails!

    and i love those self portraits - they are adorably goofy. adorkable? yes.

  2. I love these little photo-an-hour posts :) The lemon anise slush looks absolutely delicious! I definitely want to try to make that. And you look adorable in the portraits!

  3. what a cool idea! i love love love it :) way to take things to the next level

    xxo em

  4. All these pictures look great! How on earth did you clean those jars?

    - Sarah

  5. What a sweet day. I love clean pups. LOL about the rock candy... ;)

    ♥ sécia

  6. Hehe silly selfies are the best ;) Love this post! Sounds like such a fun day!


  7. I love these photo an hour posts. Serrrrriously.

    ps. I have a flowering tea kit just like yours and I completely agree - best tea ever!

    xoxo. -brittany

  8. the flowering tea is beautiful!

  9. Where do you get the flowering tea?! It's an edible work of art and I must have it!

  10. I love this photo an hour post! That tea is gorgeous!


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