Friday, March 2, 2012

Vegetarian Recipes I'm Dying to Try!

I've hopped on the vegetarian train! Although, it was never much of a train! But anyways, I'm vegetarian and have been for almost two weeks now! I've been trying to come up with some new recipes to make and so I thought I'd turn it to all the crafty foodies on the Internet! It didn't take long to find about a bazillion recipes I wanted to make. Plus the photos are so delicious. Even those photos technically cant be delicious. im dying to try
Two words! Julia Child. Need I say more but simply delicious? 
Yum Yum Yum! Lately I cant get enough of chocolate! So this is making my mouth water a little
Quinoa is one thing I'm super excited about, I haven't eaten it much pre-vegetarian so I'm very excited to try this out! 
Oh My gosh! SO doing this tomorrow! :) 
You'll never guess whats in these! I know I was shocked, and totally excited to try them! Quinoa!
Can we just take a moment to realize how pretty they look? I mean pretty doughnuts, come on!

Okay I'm totally jazzed about being vegetarian now! Any recipes or cookbooks I should know about? :) Happy MARCH! Check out the sponsors!


  1. Yay congrats for becoming 'one of us' I haven't had meat since I was twelve years old and can honestly say I haven't missed it once!

    There is so much good vego food out there that I'm sure you'll have no problems finding something delicious wherever you are ( well except for burger chains!)

  2. Yum! At this point in my life, living at home with my family, being a vegetarian would be difficult, but I would like to try it later on in life. Vegeterian food is so good!

  3. ohmygosh seeing this makes me drool! seriously! this looks so yumm~

    i love beef bourginion !


    p.s. would appreciate it if you could check out our blog! :)

  4. now I'm hungry. Perfect.


  5. Mmmm yummy! I'm not vegetarian but we do own a few vegetarian cookbooks for variety. Tonight we're actually have veggie roll ups in rice paper wrappers. Quinoa is good just make sure you rinse it a TON or it's really bitter. Couscous is a great option too! :)

  6. Yay! Go veggie! I've been vegetarian for a couple years now. That stew looks sooo hearty.. and the quinoa dish with tomatoes looks sooo good! I really want to try those muffins too.. And those doughnuts are so beautiful! Haha! Unfortunately I don't have too many tips to share with you as I can be lazy when it comes to cooking.. haha but I did enjoy these quinoa burgers and also these roll ups (although I had a hard time rolling them.. I used a different kind of kale than the recipe called for though)

  7. I'm a big fan of vegetarianism. Although I am not 100%, my husband and I hardly eat meat (probably once a week) and every three months only eat fruit+ vegetables for 10 days as a cleanse. Quinoa is one of my favourite things to cook with too. It's super tasty!

  8. You speak of going vegetarian and yet your first recipe is labeled with the word beef in it. I went to the link, it's supposed to be beet. Just so you know. Might wanna proofread more.

    1. thanks so much anon! got that fixed right away! you super speller, you! :)

  9. They all look so yummy!
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  10. YUM. That slushy is calling my name.

    ♥ s├ęcia

  11. I also REALLY want to try that lemon slush. I am such an enormous fan of anything lemony :)

  12. Food is most important part for stay healthy. You share such nice vegetarian recipes. I like to try this all recipes at home.


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