Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY// Flower Crown

 I've been really excited to be seeing flower crowns come into style lately! :) So I have to say I'm uber pleased with how mine turned out! I've been wearing it all day and I seriously cant get enough of it! Anyways, you should totally make one for yourself, you'll love it! 
Step One: make a loop of thick wire big enough to fit your head. Right here is the perfect time to figure out where on your head you want it to sit!
 Step Two: Cut the ends off all the flowers so you have about an inch left, then bend upwards near the flower. 
 Step Three: Arrange flowers in order you want them to show, then lay one flower on outside of wire and tightly wrap with your thin wire.
 Step Four: Lay the next flower over top of the previous one and repeat step three until you're all the way around the wire loop! If you happen to run out of flowers, use the leaves from the flowers and do the same as in step three!
Done! :) I cant wait to wear mine! Hope you are all having a fantabulous day/weekend! 
Happy Spring!


  1. Just made a simple one only using flowers :)
    Yours are really lovely :)

  2. I've been seeing these around a lot lately - diy's and just being worn! Makes me want to make one pretty bad :3
    & the flowers for your crown just totally compliment the ones in your layout ;) Hahaha


  3. So pretty and whimsical. I love it. :)

  4. I think i am going to try this !! :)
    thanks for the help!! keep it up!
    love your blog!


  5. oh wow this is lovely! i know what i am doing this weekend :)
    thanks. i am your newest follower ♥


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