Saturday, April 28, 2012


I love a good cup of tea. Being an avid tea drinker it can be hard to find new and exciting types of teas besides your average go-to earl grey or chamomile so sometimes its time to switch it up a little! :) Enter, tea mixology! This is one of my favorite ways to try new teas, and the funnest!
Choose your two teas you want to mix!
 These are my top three favorite mixes so far! :)


  1. I seriously love this idea, especially the combination of blueberry and chamomile. :)

  2. I am a big fan of tea, my favorites are always green and red with something else
    I prefer green tea with flowers like roses, orange with black tea, I like a lot the oolong tea with grapefruit, you should try it
    and infusions like chamomile with lemon, yummy

  3. Why have I never thought of doing this before? I'm heading straight to my tea shelf and cutting some tea bags open! I'm a massive fan of blueberry and nettle tea... methinks it's time to add nettle to some other favs =) x

  4. This is a really lovely post, and has inspired me to do some new flavour combinations. I'm a total tea junkie! :D

  5. oooh blueberry and chamomile sounds so lovely. this is such a good idea Lauren :)

    From Cupcakes, With Love x

    1. I love this! I can't wait to try the blueberry and chamomile mix!!!

  6. Cool stuff! I've been facing this exact feeling of needing something special tea-wise. I might play around with this concept soon :D
    I'm already thinking of what teas I have would mix well together!


  7. I WANT to love tea, so bad. I love the concept of 'having tea'. But ... to me, almost all of it has that plant-y, weedy taste that's hard to get past. I really want to conquer that though ... :D

  8. Great idea! We often go get loose tea, but I like the idea of mixing tea bags. Cherry Zinger and Earl Grey sounds like my cup of tea. ;)

  9. We recently had a tea party that this would have been fun to include....

  10. Amazing! I love it! And I love the photos too!


  11. I love tea...what a great idea to mix my own blend...thanks! :)


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