Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Paint Dipped Things, You Are Pretty

I don't know whats been up with me lately! Really. I'm sure we've all seen the paint dipped trend before, whether it be those paint dipped shoes or those adorable kitchen appliances, but for some reason it has just hit me now that I love it! :) All I want to do is pull out all of my paints and sit in a bucket of prettiness. Is that weird? I just love that darling pop of color!
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p.s. you guys are the best!


  1. I saw those coral necklaces via anthro online..I plan on making some next week! They're too adorable!

  2. I've never really thought about the paint dipped trend before...but That bobble necklace is amazing! I'd love to have a go. Such a great idea.

    From Cupcakes, With Love x

  3. such a sucker for paint dipped things! the necklace is super cute. that could be diy'd maybe?? hmm...

  4. I've never really seen paint dipped things but look at those jars...I think I am going to start dipping everything in paint now. bye.

  5. Love the paint-dipped jars!! I'm obsessed with any prohects involving jars but these are especially cute :-)
    Thanks for sharing!


  6. I've thought about DIYing those utensils since I first saw them on Pinterest, but wow are the rest of these items adorable!


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