Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY // Textured Terracotta Pots

Today is a good day! I'm finally back to my regular blogging, its finally sunny and I'm absolutely in love with this new DIY I decided to whip up! I've really been loving putting special details around my house and these rustically cute itty-bitty pots are the perfect touch!
Materials: pots, puff paints, spray paint and tape! + plants
 Step One: Line the rim of your pot with tape. Then use your puff paints to create texture in a pattern of your choice!
Step Two: Put that mask on and spray your pots! You may need to do more than one coat to fully cover it, I had to do two!
Love them! And pretty simple too, it's so lovely to have pretty touches of green inside the house!


  1. Cute! I never even thought of dressing up terracotta pots, but I like this!

  2. this is so cute!!

    your blog designs are so amazing. seriously.

    love, rach.

  3. Easy and adorable, I love this idea!

  4. Woah! I totally love this! Cute idea!

  5. I love them! Whenever I try to paint terracotta pots they come out looking like a 4 year old did them...your method seems so simple and it's always the simple things that work best!

  6. such a cute DIY! simple, yet fun and cool. it's great to have plants around the house, but i often forget to water them haha. maybe i will try this though!


  7. So sweet -- I love the puffy paint idea to add dimension! Just included these planters in a round-up of terra cotta planter pot makeovers :)

    Charlie @ Match Made On Hudson


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