Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Granola :: Perfect for Camping!

We're going camping tomorrow and I'm already having the funnest time getting ready! :) This granola was the top to-do on my list, I made a huge batch so we can have literally the best breakfasts out in the woods. Swoon, breakfast in the woods! Camping or not, this granola is the bomb, seriously so homey and tastey! Give it a try!
Here is the recipe! I substituted half of the oil for cocnut oil and it was amazing! The great thing about this is if you're missing a few ingredients (which I was) it still tastes great!
p.s. I'm making a road trip playlist, any suggestions?
p.p.s if you think you have THE BEST granola recipe, share it in the comments below pleaseee!


  1. Great idea! I usually make a lot of cupcakes and them them with me when travelling, so I always have a homemade dessert with me, haha. :)


  2. I love granola, I'll definitely be trying your recipe soon! You can never have too many granola recipies. Also when I go on road trips I always like to have the song Driving by Renee Renee on my playlist, have fun!

  3. I love granola, it's such a healthy & easy snack. I'm definitely checking out that recipe!

  4. mmmmm this sounds really good and perfect for those camping trails!! thanks! :)

    kelly elizabeth

  5. Yum! That picture looks beautiful! Love the berries. :)
    Have fun camping!
    ♥ xixia
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  6. YUM! looks delicoiussss

    <3 katherine

  7. This is the perfect accompaniment to a sunrise over the tree line!


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