Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photo An Hour

7 AM: Get woken up by Ginger who sees this moose in our backyard! Pretty cool!
8 AM: Make a smoothie of strawberry, banana, pineapple and lemon. So good!
9 AM: Watch 500 Days of Summer! Oh its so cute!
10 AM: It started to full on downpour which was lovely and soothing! I absolutely love thunderstorms and rain!
11 AM: Give Ginger a bath after a walk! :) She looks so scruffy!
1 PM: Have a tasty salad for lunch!
3 PM: Some much needed retail therapy! I got this totally cute crushed velvet dress!
That's about all that my day looked like today! :) How was your day?
p.s. have you ever seen a moose?! 


  1. Looks like a great day! I haven't seen a moose, but a deer cuddled up to my door this morning (sort of almost as cool...)

    1. oh thats absolutely adorable! :) thats totally as cool, if not cooler!

  2. This seriously looks like the perfect day for me! :) Making a smoothie and watching movie in the morning and then snuggling inside because of the rain, perfect!

  3. what a relaxing day and holy moose! your backyard is magical! I think rainy days are so comforting :)

  4. wow that Moose is incredible! I've seen one camping before with her baby moose with her, it was adorable!

  5. No never :O in my country we don´t have that amazing animal.
    I liked your day


  6. 500 days of summer is my favorite :) love everything about it. i have not actually ever seen a moose, but i do see deer around often! you have a wonderful back yard.


  7. Wow, you saw a moose? How neat! Living in Texas, I have never seen a moose. ;)

  8. Awesome! We see lots of moose up here in the Rockies, I love them!

  9. Wow! I really love this photo an hour idea! What a great way to document your day!! :) Thanks for sharing! New follower for sure :)

    neha made


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