Friday, July 27, 2012

In The Garden!

 Our garden just absolutely sprouted up like crazy in the last few weeks, probably from all the lovely sunshine we've been getting! I've practically been eating carrots for breakfast, but I mean whats not to love about that? I always love seeing whats growing in other bloggers gardens so today I wanted to share a peek into my garden!
It's pretty much taken everything not to eat all the baby cucumbers, gahh, they're so good!
We started growing this thing called Patty Pan Squash last year and I've been hooked ever since! If you have a chance to grown them or even try them out at your local farmers market, I seriously encourage you to, they're delicious with some olive oil and spices on the grill! Whats growing in your garden?


  1. I want a garden so bad!! One of the many cons to living in an apartment....

  2. Your garden is pretty cool.

  3. My garden has zuccini in bloom too! and lots of pumpkins and of course flowers like pansies and lavender!


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