Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY // Clipping Masks :: Images in Text

I'm kind of like so excited to share this tutorial with you today because its one I loooove and the first image is so pretty it makes me kind of giddy! :) So today I'm going to show you how to easily create these (what I like to call) image texts! This technique is so versatile and can be used to give your blog, pictures and layout that extra spark to really set your design apart from others! :) I mean how pretty is that!?
Then you can crop your image and do some other fun things to it!
If you have any questions please leave a comment and I'd be more than happy to help you! 


  1. This is a fantastic tutorial. I'm gonna have to give it a try.

  2. Did you use photoshop or is that another program?

  3. Exatly what I was looking for! thank you for sharing!

  4. I have been searching for a tutorial for this since FOREVER.
    You really are a star Lauren. :)
    Amber xo

  5. Been wanting to do this for ages, and had no idea how! Thanks :)


  6. Can you do this on another program? I really love it.

  7. I learned about clipping masks semi-recently and am totally smitten with them. They're great for pre-made photo layouts for posts too! :)

  8. Lauren, just found you thru Katie's link on document Life Workshop.

    what font is that you used??

  9. This is soooo pretty!!! So glad I found this tutorial. THANK YOU!!! Pinning it now.

    Lesley /

  10. When I use the CTRL button (on windows) and select the Text layer, the Inverse is still grayed out (unable to click)


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