Saturday, September 29, 2012

Small Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blog Design

Designing a blog can be a huge process, it takes a lot of knowledge, the right tools and the vision to make it happen! It can be daunting and I know a lot of bloggers feel overwhelmed by the numerous things possible, so today I wanted to share a few small things you can do to improve not only the design of your blog but the blog itself! :) 

O   N   E: an about you picture. When I go to a new blog I want to see who is writing it, I want to know their name and I want to know what they love, cause maybe we love the same things it helps me connect to the blogger immediately and makes your blog so much more relatable.

T   W   O: have a catchy tag line. If you have a picture of you on your sidebar with a few words about yourself I know about you, but I also want to know what your blog is about and what I can look forward to when I read it! Come up with a few words that summarizes your blog and what its about!

T  H  R  E  E: make your blog easy to navigate. Lets say I find your blog but I'm more of a foodie, and for right now that all I want to see, your posts about food, having a way to navigate through categories is a great way to not only connect to your tag line but to cater to each reader, to some degree!

F  O  U  R: a contact button. So I love your blog, I mean I really love it and I want to tell you how much I love it! If you don't have a contact button for emails or something you might not be realizing just how many people are inspired by you! Trust me, add a contact button!

F  I  V  E: social media. You're a blogger, so I'm sure you've heard just how important social media is to connect with new readers! Social media is a great way to share a different perspective of yourself and your blog, even by sharing little things you love on pinterest, or your thoughts on twitter it allows readers to get to know you more! And we all want that!

S   I   X: same sized pictures. Pictures are the first thing I look at when I go to a blog and having your pictures all the same width does wonders for your blog! Like seriously, your blog will flow together so nicely. Pictures, same width, you'll thank me!

S   E   V   E   N: unexpected details. I love unexpected details, they're so fun to me and can really set your design apart from other blogs! Don't go crazy though, or else they wont be unexpected, just little things like a tiny flower or a few sparkles will do wonders!

Thanks for letting me share these with you, I hope this helps a few of you lovely bloggers out there! :) Of course, if you need some more help with the design, I'd love to work with you!


  1. Lauren,
    I love your new blog setup! It is way cute - the little pear at the top is my favorite thing ever. We should collaborate agains sometime!
    Lindsey from HelloHydrangea

  2. really love the design of your blog.Thanks for sharing.xoxo

  3. Your blog design is gorgeous. And I love that your tips are small enough that the average blogger could do it.

    Happy Sunday :)

  4. Great tips! Your blog design is really cute. :)

  5. Great tips. love your blog design!

  6. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing, and btw love love love your blog design its my favorite ever!! x

  7. Sweet tips! streamlinging things like picture size really makes a difference

  8. Awesome tips - I am guilty of not having the same width images sometimes... you do a fantastic job of adding cute details!

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  9. Good tips! Your blog design is beautiful. Just an FYI - your social media icons are pointing back to your blog instead of to your social media.

  10. LOVE this. Great tips! I am a new follower :)
    Just checked out these helpful hints and now im gonna have a browse around XD
    Sarah xoxox

  11. Great tips! I'm working on making all my pictures the same width right now... it's more challenging that i thought!

  12. Five Sixteenths Blog brought me here. Great tips to keep in mind. I'm still trying to build comprehensive tag lines cuz it is hard for me to define. For the rest, I think I've done quite ok :)


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