Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorating Our Tree!!!

I had the most lovely time yesterday decorating our Christmas tree! You know when you're just so excited for something, and it just keeps getting more and more exciting the closer it gets?! Haha, well pretty much the story of my life and Christmas! We have all these vintage ornaments that were my grandmas and I absolutely adore them! :) They're so pretty and delicate, they really make the tree special for me! I've been drinking steamed milk like an absolute crazy lady lately, but its sooooo good! I plan on sharing my recipe in a few days! Whats your Christmas guilty pleasure, or something you always have?!


  1. What lovely pictures! I agree, trimming the tree is so fun. My kids are at the perfect age where Christmas is REALLY magical for them, and all the traditions that come with it are a blast. It's funny to see how much my daugher loves eggnog--just like me :D You're so lucky to have your grandma's vintage ornaments, I would love that!

  2. Gorgeous! i can't wait to get ours!


  3. What a joyful set of pictures! :) Makes me wanna go home and decorate, decorate, decorate... :)

  4. Great vintage ornaments! I just helped my grandma put up decorations, it really got me in the spirit :)

    My Christmas guilty pleasure has to be the Hallmark Christmas movies, some of them are cheesy but I can't help it!

  5. Aw I love how you captured it so well! Love the ornaments!


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