Monday, December 17, 2012

"Hey Sweetie, stand under this tree for a second, I want to take a picture!"

Bunch of pranksters!!! ^
 Hola! :) Oh how I'd love to be in Hawaii or somewhere really really warm right now! This weekend was a fun one, just super busy doing all sorts of things! Mostly stuff like sending out Christmas cards, answering emails, designing blogs and a few Christmas parties! It was just lovely, we also went for a little walk out in the woods and of course I took some pictures! :) What did you guys get up to?
On another note, I got this totally rad shirt that I'm totally in love with! ONE MAN WOLF PACK!
Happy Monday!


  1. I love how dogs seem to be 'flying' through the snow, especially when they are little and nearly sink in most times haha! Jealous that you guys have snow - I find the cold unbearable if there's no snow to accompany it....


  2. That third to last picture of you is gorgeous! And that doggy... those ears... so funny! xo

  3. I've seen that shirt before in someone's youtube video, I want it so bad! Where did you get it? And also please excuse me while I'm being super jealous of the snow you have. We have had nothing but rain.

  4. Lol hilarious! And your dog in the snow is totally adorable!

  5. you are beautiful and i love your blog! following.

  6. gorgeous photos! what pretty snow. we only have slush in the uk!


  7. Bahaha, this make me smile. Looks so fun. :3

  8. These photos are SO much fun and your face is just adorable and priceless

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // fox tote giveaway


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