Monday, March 25, 2013

Berry Grapefruit Cocktail

Hello lovely ladies! I'm E.M. from lark & lace and it's a pleasure to meet you all. Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is breaking, you get to wear a pretty pastel dress to church and you get to indulge your competitive side with an easter egg hunt with your siblings or cousins. (Is it just me or do you see yourself growing more merciless and violent with these every year?) This year, we're hosting our family's Easter get together which means that I've been given the task to whip up some seasonal signature cocktails. Can't complain about a job like that, right? This berry-grapefruit cocktail is a pretty pink pastel color and will definitely get you in the mood for warmer weather.

What you'll need: The contents of this cocktail are simple enough. Raspberry vodka, (I'm a Stoli girl myself) Rosé, (nothing fancy or too expensive, you're just adding it for a little bubble) grapefruit juice, ice, and blackberries to garnish.
If you're like me and tend to have a bit of a heavy pour, go with one part vodka, one part champagne and two parts grapefruit juice. This is a ratio that is kind to all guests! Add a few extra blackberries on top and enjoy!
Thank you so much Lauren for having me! Everybody else, hope you all have a great Easter. Come stop by my blog and say hello!



  1. I'm too young to drink, but it sure does look like a pretty drink!

  2. Adorable photos and such a delicious looking cocktail. Nothing better than a cocktail with champagne, so glad that I get to link to your blog too!

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