Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clutch Love ♥

I've been looking around at some super pretty clutches on etsy lately. I'm going to a super special event (eeep!!!) in a few weeks and I need a clutch so I was thinking of making one! :) I'm just looking around etsy for some inspiration and these are my favorites that I've found! Which one would you get?
 Love this rustic, tribal feel! :) elHustle
 Okay so I just about melted when I saw this!! :) I have to admit, the photography is really beautiful and that wood background (loooveee!). But I mean the clutch is gorgeous as well, love the vintage, but modern feel. Consuere
 Shiny and gold, whats not to love! Leah Lerner
 I'm totally hooked on the leather and ikat type fabric mix! So pretty! Consuere
 Love how big this one is and that pop of neon red is so classy! :) Madlyyoursshop
SO PRETTY! :) Enough said. rougeandwhimsy
I drew up some examples that I was thinking of making for my event! I was also thinking of adding an all sequin one which would be fabulous too! :) Which ones your favorite?
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  1. I really like all ideas especially tribal and floral ;) But I quess you need to choose dress style first and then clatch style)

  2. The stripes are my favorite! Your doodles are awesome :)

  3. I prefer the first and second :D they are very pretty cool

  4. These are all so beautiful! My favourite would have to be the 4th one by Consuere. :) x


  5. I like the first or the big one with the neon strip! but it depends of the occasion, isn't it? ;) Ale


  6. The second and forth one are so pretty!

  7. The second one and last one are my favorites.

  8. I love the floral one! It's perfect for this spring/summer! :D

    xx Denysia Yu


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