Monday, April 15, 2013

Photography To-Do List // Puddle Jumping

I've wanted to do this for literally as long as I can remember and I finally did it! :) It was a little cold and I had sooo much water in my boots, plus I had to drive home barefoot after too, but it was so much fun and so worth it!! :) 
I'm so happy with how these turned out! :) What's on your photography to-do list? Anything I can add to mine? I think the next thing on my list is to get a pretty dress and take pictures in a river or something! That'll have to wait until its a bit warmer!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love these Lauren, I bet you got absolutely soaked through taking them! Where they shot on self-timer or by someone else? I have been shooting some film during the golden hour (sunrise and sunset) and love the golden glow that Spring creates in the images. Id love to see some of these from you! Happy Monday =] xx

  2. Love these!The water is absolutely frozen in time - perfect!

  3. These are lovely Lauren. Did you have a friend help or did you use a tripod?
    I found a photography bucket list (I think I stole it from your pinterest actually) that looks interesting. I'm going to make a start at it in a few years time when I'm not studying and have bought myself a decent DSLR.

  4. Oh my gosh lady!!! you're totally awesome! :D
    love these photos <3
    Sarah xxx

  5. These are adorable!! such a cute idea. New follower from Friday Link Up

  6. Adorable photos! I have been wanting to photograph someone jumping in a puddle, this is my motivation:)

  7. These photos are great. It looks like you had so much fun!

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