Monday, April 1, 2013

Pretty Places // Studios

There are very few places I think are more inspiring than a studio that represents who you are as a business owner and as a creator. Lately I've been wanting a studio of my own, and as a small business owner I would love to have a place where I can put all kind of inspiration on the walls, have little meetings and create beautiful things. Oh the dreams! But for now, I guess looking at other peoples pretty places will have to do! :)
Click on the pictures for their sources!


  1. I love every one of those work spaces! As I look around at my cluttered desk, I am imagining a new space. You've inspired me to rethink my surroundings.

  2. Ah that scrapbook space (second to last photo)takes my breath away. I'm such a sucker for organized craft supplies!!

  3. whoa! This is awesome... i'm so jealous of this setup!

  4. Oh my these cause me soo much envy! I, too would love to have a little office setup like this :)
    xo Emily

  5. Great Blog! I've nominated you for an Liebster award.
    See your nomination on my blog.



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