Friday, May 31, 2013

Car Show!!

Going to the vintage car show is fast becoming one of my favorite traditions around here! :) I had such a fun time last year peeking at all these gorgeous vintage cars and being slightly rebelious and touching them all, even though you arent supposed to! :P scandelous right? Haha, anyways, here are some photos of this years car show! 
I was taking a look at this truck, because its literally my absolute dream car and the owner of it saw me swooning over it and he let me sit in it!!!! :) Day made right there!
Gahh, they're all so pretty!


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  2. Amazing cars *-* and your look was perfect! :)
    xx Zoe

  3. lovely cars! I wish we have that kind of car show here.
    anyway, I love how you did your eyes.. lovely :)

  4. How fun! That sepia tone-ish picture of you laughing in the truck is so adorable!!!!!!

    xo, Courtney

  5. That turquoise colour of that truck is soooooooo sweet!


  6. Thank you for your comment! I'm always happy to share :)
    Beautiful photos!

  7. If only we all rode around in beautiful cars like that, we would have such colourful roads! And yes. That truck. Amazing!
    x eva

  8. I've seen a similar truck that I would love to have .. if I drove haha. That color makes me want it more! I love your outfit! :D

  9. Let me remind you, Lauren. Once you start going to a car show, it's impossible for you not to look for the next event. Haha! Especially with vintage cars. They're truly hard to resist! You have wonderful photos, by the way, and they show that you had fun. Aside from taking pictures, you rode in some of the classics too. Well, that's one perk of going to such events. Keep on doing what you love!

    Prince Moss @ Lexus Of Ann Arbor


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